5 Things You Have To Get Right When Trying To Connect With Music Supervisors

Everyday Indie Musicians try to get their music into TV & Film but miss these game-changing strategies .

Hosted by Bree Noble & Chris SD from Sync Songwriter

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    Chris SD

    Sync Songwriter

    Meet Chris SD

    Chris SD has helped countless indie songwriters get their music placed in top shows, movies, and ads. He has earned the reputation as the “go to guy” for indie artists looking to get their songs into TV & film.

    Chris started off as an award-winning music producer and wanted to find a way for the indie projects he worked on to make a bigger splash. He saw how artists could end up in charts with just one good sync placement and how lucrative the income could be for musicians.

    Chris not only teaches indie songwriters how to get their music heard by top music supervisors in TV &film, he actually introduces them to the gatekeepers.

    You'll Learn:

    • how to give supervisors the music they are looking for when they are looking for it
    • how to write authentic music that works in sync
    • how to find out if your music is ready for licensing
    • questions you need to ask your trusted vetted group
    • how to turn connections into relationships